Customizing a Shipping Container

If you’ve always thought about getting some extra space for your home, why not consider customizing a shipping container? This is a great way to create a bespoke space for your valuables, hobbies, or downtime which allows you to store things safely and efficiently....

Storing Collectibles and Memorabilia in Your Shipping Container

  A lot of us have a passion for collecting certain objects or memorabilia, yet we have nowhere to store them where we live. Whether you’re a collector of comic books, toys, guitars, vinyl records, or anything else – the passion of a collector is undeniable and...

Create A Garage With This Shipping Container Modification

  There’s a lot of things to consider when building your garage, such as durability, space, affordability, and safety, among others. The possessions stored in your garage, whether they be vehicles or tools, need to be stored safely and securely. Why not consider...
Shipping Container Vents
Keeps the air moving in your shipping container and help prevent moisture buildup
Shipping Container Lock Boxes
Added security for your stored
belongings in your container
Shipping Container Shelving
Keeps your shipping container organized
and floor space open.
Shipping Container Pipe Racks
Organize your pipes and wood off the ground inside or outside your container.
The best shipping container modifications can be found at Whether you are looking for shelving for inside your container, vents for shipping containers, or lock boxes we can help you out.  Customize My Container can also provide you with doors and windows specifically designed for a container, in order to help you convert your container into a home office, inlaw suite, or mobile office.

We have a complete line of high security locks to help keep your containers secure, as well as shelving and shipping container pipe racks to help keep your things off the ground and organized.  Not only do we sell these items, but we also have a full line of instructions and videos, which you can find on our website, to help you install our items in your modified shipping container.

Whether you have already modified your container, or are looking for ideas for shipping container modifications, be sure to contact us today!