Shipping Container 8″ Swivel Caster Wheel (1 unit)

Shipping Container 8″ Swivel Caster Wheel (1 unit)

*Minimum 4 units are required per container

The INSTA 8” (203 mm) Container Swivel Caster Wheel will allow you to move your shipping container around with ease. Using a twist-lock mechanism for easy installation this caster wheel is made with heavy-duty steel and has a 3” (76 mm) width wheel. Each caster wheel has a load rating of 6,600 lbs. (3 tons).


  • 8″ / 203 mm diameter
  • 3″ / 76 mm width wheel
  • 3 tons / 6,600 lbs. rating/per caster
  • Brake included
  • Twist-locking mechanism

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