What’s better than one shipping container? Several shipping containers of course!

Join two or more shipping containers together with a container twist lock.

Create a larger, more spacious open plan building with room for more storage, more workspace, more accommodation, or just more space. Shipping containers are nothing if not versatile. If you are looking for an optimal solution to do just this then take a look at Shipping Container Twist Locks.

Create a shipping container home with several rooms using a container twist lock

Other options include site rooms, offices, workshops, lunch rooms, kitchens, storage areas, mini-warehouses, accommodation, bars, restaurants, art galleries, performance spaces, school rooms, or the ever popular shipping container cafe.

You are limited only by your imagination

The beauty of shipping containers is that they are stackable as well – which means you can stack them up as well as across!

Include Holiday and caravan parks, construction sites, mining sites and agricultural sites are other areas where shipping container joining kits come in handy and where there is room to spread out in a big way. Fully transportable and modular, the beauty of shipping containers is that as your business expands, your premises can too.

No need to construct another building or shed or warehouse.

Just add another shipping container or two, joined neatly together with twist locks. It’s a versatile and convenient way to add extra space as and when you need it, at a minimum cost.

More space at less cost: Joining a shipping container or two together.

It’s easily done and can make a big difference to your workspace or living area. To order, or to find out more about shipping container joining kits, fill in our easy to use quote form and we will send you our complete price guide. If you are looking for an optimal solution to do just this then take a look at Shipping Container Twist Lock

We have shipping container twist locks available

And of course, we’re always available for advice or suggestions to help with your shipping container conversions. 

Shipping Container Twist Lock 6200

  • Double Ended designed
  • High quality casted steel construction
  • Heat treated galvanized finish