Shipping containers today have a variety of uses and are capable of withstanding extreme handling conditions. They range in size and shapes from massive, reusable steel boxes to the identifiable crimped boxes.

One of the most common uses is residential and commercial storage. You can store just about anything in these versatile boxes. When storing thousands of dollars of your goods, you want to make sure it is as secure as possible.

Here are the three best ways to ensure your shipping container security keeps out unwanted intruder and your belongs safe.

1. Under $100 – Shipping Container Bolt on Lock Box 

The biggest weakness of shipping containers is their exposed locking system. Locks are left in the open and easily cut with a grinder or cutters.

A simple way to improve shipping container security is through the use of a lock box.  Bolt on lock boxes are constructed to keep locks out of view because they sit flat on the container making it impossible for lock cutters to grasp onto the locks. Our bolt on lock boxes are an affordable, easily install option for your shipping container security. This security option is the cheapest offering the best bang for the buck on securing your possessions.

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2. Over $500 – Shipping Container Alarm System

An alarm system is a great type for shipping container security. The traditional alarm system requires a phone line because of the need for an electrical connection to an on-site landline. There is now the option for 24-hour remote monitoring that comes with wireless capabilities through mobile phone networks. Great for shipping container security, but the price tag jumps up.

 3. Over $1000 – Shipping Container Fence

Installing a fence around the perimeter of the shipping container adds extra security. As well metal mesh and rows of razor barb wire on the top to make difficult to climb over. This extreme form of shipping container security makes intruders slow down and think twice about breaking into your shipping container. However it is the most expensive of the options.


It is recommended to take extra precautions and security measures for your shipping containers. Take the steps to prevent losing your belongings and any vandalism.

If you still aren’t sure which option is for you, contact us.  Our team of experts will help you chose the type of shipping container security that works best for you.