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We provide you the best shipping container modification parts and accessories that will make your container more efficient and secure

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Premium Shipping Container Shelves


These shipping container shelves feature a durable white powder coat finish that gives them a very elegant look. These shelves are adjustable in height, length, angle and are able to hang from the container D-rings, or bolt to a studded wall.

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Shipping Container Shelves


These shipping container shelves provide superior strength while not being bulky and heavy. They are powder coated for durability, and longevity. These shelves hang off the D-rings of the containers and leave no damage to the container when removed.

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Shipping Container Vents


These original shipping container vents will help keep the air moving in your container and help prevent moisture buildup. The vent is constructed of thick 13 gage steel, is powder coated for durability, and requites no welding.

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Shipping Container
Lock Box


These shipping container lock boxes will keep your shipping container safe and secure.  It’s design keeps your pad lock out of view and accessible to bolt cutters. Installs in under 10 minutes, provides added security and requires NO WELDING!

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